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Time is tricky. Even as adults, 24 hours are not enough to complete our activities. Now imagine how it is for children, who are slowly learning everything about the world. Time management is a key skill that will help your children become independent and responsible students.

For that reason, it’s important to teach your children time management from a young age. Do you know how to do it? At The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, MI, we have a few ideas to help you get started.


A place free of distractions is very important. Make sure to find a quiet spot,  away from the T.V, cell phones and other things that could drawn their attention away. Don’t forget these tips to avoid procrastination.


Calendars, clocks, schedules and many other instruments are effective ways to manage time. Plus they will help to organize your child.  Work with your children to set realistic goals! As an example, a calendar could develop a better sense of time where you can include the activities and specific times, this way yoru children won't lose time thinking where to start or what should be the next activity.


Don’t forget to teach your children the importance of hard work. It will motivate them to do their homework. Remember that this will be easier if you lead by example.  


Make sure to include breaks during their studies. Exercise is also a great way to spend time after school. This will help your children clear their mind and feel better while studying.

Give your children the tools they need! These simple tips will provide the foundations for a bright academic future.


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