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 It’s no secret that academic assignments demand time and effort from students, however you can help your children to make their study sessions more productive. Remember that a study space at home is a somehow neglected feature that has many benefits, as it will keep your children organized and allow them to focus on their chores. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we would like to share useful advice on creating an effective study space at home.

Finding a Space

You will need to find a place close to a window, so you children get plenty of natural light. However, you shouldn’t forget to provide it with a lamp. Also, remember that having the right ventilation will prevent the room from getting stuffy, plus a cool temperature is recommended to keep your children alert.


You should find a large desk, so your children have enough space to keep their things organized and avoid any clutter, and don’t forget to provide them all the school supplies they need. However, the most crucial factor is the chair you choose, as it must keep your children comfortable enough to stay awake and prevent fatigue and overuse injuries.


Your children’s attention may wander from one distraction to another, which will mean inefficient study sessions. Make sure to spot and remove those items that divert your children’s attention, and pay special attention to electronic devices.

Active Study

Now that your children have an effective study space, they need to make good use of it. Learning takes more than reading notes and students must study actively to understand the material. The first step is setting a goal and schedule, so you children stay motivated while developing solid study habits.

When it comes to helping your children to succeed in school there is always something you can do, so don’t forget about these simple yet useful ideas. Remember that the sleep habits of your children also play a crucial role in their academic achievement, so be sure to read our guide on this important topic.  


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