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As the school year begins, we are sure that it begins with many hopes. At the top of that list should be getting great grades and STAYING organized. We know that it’s difficult, and it is with that in mind you might need tutoring in Birmingham. We at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham would like to share SIX simple tips to help you stay organized this year. Remember that it is a lot easier to stay organized than it is to reorganize. Take advantage of the beginning of the school year to create positive habits like this. 

Set Goals

It’s a great idea to write down your goals for the week, month, and even year. Think about what you would like to see yourself accomplish and how you plan on doing so. You may choose to share these goals with a trusted friend or family member in order to have encouragement and accountability throughout. 

Avoid Clutter

When you have a lot of things it can be quite difficult to stay organized. That being said, your work space, locker, and backpack should be void of clutter. This means that if you have items in these areas you are no longer in need of, put them away or store them elsewhere until you need them again. As for papers, put those you’ll need in folders for storage and throw away those you are done with. 

Designate a Study Space

As for your work space, find a place in your home that works for you. With the suggestion of your parents, find a place in which all are aware, if you are here, you are getting things done. You may choose your desk, the dining room table, or another area of the home. On the same note, have a place where you can put your backpack, homework, projects, and other school materials when you are finished with them. Doing this helps you to avoid the morning rush of finding what you need for the day. 

Write It Down

Saying you will remember, can lead to forgetting. Wouldn’t it be easier to write it down than to take the risk? Also, taking a picture of the assignments on your phone might very well seem like an excellent plan. However, think about the distraction you will have available once you take out your phone to, innocently enough, review your homework. It is best to keep your phone put away, perhaps even in a different room, while doing homework or studying. 

Use a Planner

A possibility to consider, rather than those previously mentioned, is to use a planner. You can write down when you receive assignments as well as when they’re due. If there is a large amount of time between the two, be sure to write yourself notes to be working on it in between. This will help you to keep from having to complete a major assignment with only a day left. This method also works rather well for studying for exams. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Set up your work schedule based on how you work best. Do you think it’s more beneficial to get the difficult assignments out of the way first and then work toward the easier ones, or is the reverse more helpful for you? If you know you’ll need a break, be sure to schedule one. However, after you’ve rejuvenated a bit, remember to get back to work.


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