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Great academic achievement requires many things from students.  They need to be ready both physically and mentally for their daily activities. However, the quality of sleep is a somehow neglected factor that also plays a crucial role in your children’s learning and development. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we created the following post containing useful ideas to enhance your children’s sleep.


There are several signs that can point to poor quality sleep, which can decrease the attention and memory of your children. If they struggle to fall asleep within 15 minutes after bedtime, have difficulties waking up in the morning or can’t stay alert during school, it’s possible that your children aren’t getting enough sleep. 


It’s very important that you establish a clear bedtime and wake up schedule to set your children’s internal clock.  Including simple activities to prepare your children for bed, such as a warm bath, saying goodnight or reading a story can set the right sleep frame of mind. 


Keep in mind that a cool and dark environment will allow your children sleep better, so install heavy drapery in their room and set the temperature to 67-70 degrees. Don’t forget to check the condition of their mattress and change their bedding frequently. Above all, you should restrict the use of electronic devices like cellphones, tablets and laptops, as several studies suggest that the light they emit disrupts sleep. 

Food & Drinks

A light snack is recommended before bedtime and avoid serving high-fat foods. Don’t forget to check the kind of beverages your children consume, as certain drinks contain caffeine like soda, tea or chocolate. 

These healthy sleep habits will provide your children with the rest they need to fulfill their daily chores. If your children have several activities during their day and they are struggling to manage their time, be sure to read our guide on keeping your child from procrastinating.


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