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Some aspects of science can be hard to understand for young learners. Fortunately, there are a number of resources outside of school to help kids become more enthusiastic about science. With spring upon us and summer fast approaching, our team at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham has a few ways to include science in your summer fun!


Places like the zoo or aquarium are great for learning about different classes of animals (mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, etc.) and the different species within these families; for example, within the mammal class there are various cats, canines/dogs, and monkeys; reptiles include animals like snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. At each exhibit, encourage your kids to read the information provided. Preface your adventure with a little background reading and follow up afterwards by asking what new information your children have learned.


Chemical reactions can be quite explosive and exciting, not to mention messy. Don’t worry; when the weather permits, use it as an opportunity to do the chemistry experiments you’d never consider doing indoors. Find a list of safe, but messy chemical reactions on the internet and have your kids prepare the experiment. Talk about which chemical plays which role, and have them make predictions. After all of the background work, get everything together and move it outside. Be sure to talk about safety as well; chemicals can be very dangerous when not handled correctly. 

Summer vacation and a break from school don’t mean that learning also needs to stop. In fact, many aspects of learning over the summer are really fun. We hope you can use our suggestions to keep your kids enthusiastic over summer break. Also, professional tutoring centers offer specially designed one-to-one instruction programs to help ensure your student stays sharp and loses nothing over summer break. For more information about summer tutoring in Birmingham, call us today.


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