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The SAT is a college admissions test, accepted by over 2,000 colleges and universities within the United States. It is taken by approximately 2 million students annually, and its result may just gain you entrance into the college of your choice. Financial aid, and even more importantly, a scholarship, are other possible results of an excellent score. It is no wonder then, that those who are preparing to take this test, can suffer from significant stress. Some even resort to tutoring in Birmingham to get ready. This is why The Tutoring Center in Birmingham would like to help those of you preparing to take the SAT, with a few simple explanations regarding each section, and some general information that we hope you find helpful as well. 

Math Section

- This section goes from easier to more difficult equations. Knowing this is a helpful reminder to work on the first part of the section more quickly, in order to spend your valuable time on the more difficult questions nearer the end.
- Unlike the reading and writing sections, the math section does not have a penalty for incorrect responses. What this means is that you should guess, even if you are unsure. You’ll not have points removed for incorrect answers, but should you guess correctly, you’ll gain points in your favor.

Reading Section

- This section is designed so that you have to read the selection in order to answer the questions most effectively. If you choose not to read the selection you run the risk of being confused by some of the responses which are designed to ensure you read. 

Writing Section

- For the multiple choice section, choose the most correct responses. - Remember that you may find an answer that is partially correct, but not the one you want to choose. If you do not know, leave it blank. Points are taken off for incorrect answers in this section
- For the 25 minute essay you’ll have to write, be sure to read the writing prompt thoroughly, and be sure you understand it
- In order to best organize your ideas, you should use a 5 paragraph essay writing style. Here you’ll start with an introduction in which you briefly state your response and evidence. Use the middle 3 paragraphs to expand on your evidence, ensuring that you use good grammar and punctuation. Lastly, your conclusion should restates your introduction and summarize your thoughts from the essay

General Tips

- Bringing a calculator is recommended, as there are some areas of the test in which you can use it
- At least two number 2 pencils are required
- Don’t forget a picture ID, as your testing center will require it to enter the exam room
- Sleep well the night before and eat a balanced breakfast in the morning
- Bring a snack with you, full of protein, so you can have extra energy to finish the exam well
- Know that you will be provided with scratch paper to work out math problems, but that you should not attempt to take this paper with you when you’ve finished the exam. Turn these in with your test booklet.


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