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Reading is a powerful tool that increases the vocabulary, enhances memory and concentration, boosts analytical thinking skills, and develops many other abilities that will be demanded in school and throughout your child’s life. 

Solid study habits start at home and reading isn’t the exception; there are many things you can do to engage your child in reading. For this reason, The Tutoring Center in Birmingham have created the following post containing some helpful and simple ideas to help you achieve this goal.


This place has thousands of reading options and all sorts of literary genres that will match your children’s interests. Also, there are events every once in a while that will help consolidate their enthusiasm for reading. If you have no idea where to start, you can always ask the librarian for a recommendation. 

Lead by Example

You are the main source of inspiration for your children, and it’s likely that they will follow your behavior. Read a book in front of them, this will trigger their curiosity. Be sure to have magazines, books and other reading material in reachable places available for them. You can also schedule an hour when the whole family gathers to read, which can also be relaxing after a long day. 

Try to Avoid

Refrain from nagging your children to grab a book, as this can have the opposite effect. You should also respect their choices, they are in the process of finding out which genres amuse them. Giving prizes for every book they read isn’t a good idea, otherwise they will do it for the reward, however you should always praise their efforts to keep them motivated.  

These simple ideas can be the first step to instill this habit in your children. Remember that becoming a reader, like most skills, is a process and it requires time and patience. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing useful information to stay organized in school

If your child needs any extra assistance with reading, or indeed with any other academic skill, then don’t hesitate to contact The Tutoring Center for tutoring in Birmingham. Our Geniuses in Training Reading Program will have your child tackling War & Peace in no time. Call (248) 494-6225 to find out more.


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