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For some students, math can be a tricky and confusing subject. However, it is needed in everyday life, and it has the added benefit of promoting a logical and problem-solving way of thinking. 

This is why, even when you’re stuck on a math problem, you should find a way of working through it. If you’d like a few ideas on how to make this happen, The Tutoring Center has a few tips for you.

How to Work Through a Math Problem

Reread the Instructions

Make sure that you read and fully understand the instructions to do your assignment correctly. Sometimes, we can misinterpret them, which may cause us to work differently than expected.

Review Your Work

If you just can’t seem to move past a certain point in your math problem, go through what you already did. Making mistakes is a common occurrence that can affect the rest of our work, so check to see if you made one. 

Do Some Research

Sometimes, you just need a bit of guidance in the right direction in order to solve your math problems. Read your notes or even look for similar problems online to get a better idea of how you should continue.

Focus on What You’re Doing

Make sure to focus all of your attention on your math problem. Getting distracted won’t help you get to the answer. Make an effort, use what you’ve learned, and practice your lessons to solve the problem.

Clear Your Mind

If you’ve been working on the problem for hours but you’re not getting any closer to the answer, it may be that you’re getting tunnel vision. Take a break, clear your mind and then come back to the problem at hand. It may be that the answer is right in front of you.


Simply talking about your assignment with your peers and teachers may help you get a new perspective on the matter. Discuss what you’re struggling with, and learn how they’re dealing with it. 

Do NOT Cheat

Frustration and tiredness may make cheating all the more tempting. However, keep in mind that these problems are preparing you for your tests and for life, so use the opportunity to practice.

Get Help

Lastly, remember that tutoring can be a great aid in cases like these. Here at The Tutoring Center, we provide expert tutoring in Birmingham which will help you master your school subjects and solve your math problems.


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