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March is finally here, that means Spring is just around the corner and schools all across the country are celebrating "Reading Month".  Here are some tips from Scholastic to help promote strong readers.

1. Time together
2. Listening to Fluent Reading
3. Talking about texts

1. Let your child choose what to read.
2. Talk about what she reads.
3. If he's struggling or board with a book, let him put it down.
4. Subscribe to magazines that will interest her.
5. Read the newspaper together.
6. Be flexible with bedtime and chores when your child is reading.
7. Play games that utilize reading.
8. Encourage your middle-schooler to read to a younger sibling.
9. Visit the library together.
10. Find an outlet for your child to "publish" a book review.
11. Ensure he has a good reading space.
12. Keep up on what she's reading.
13. Encourage writing.
14. Provide a good dictionary.
15. Suggest books from movies he liked.
16. Listen to audio books.
17. Model reading.

Book Recommendations
Help your child choose quality pieces of literature.  Check out the National Education Association's Resources to Get Reading page.  Here, you can find 14 different booklist recommendations. 


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