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Learning a second language is great for your child; it isn’t just a useful skill in and of itself. Being able to converse with speakers of another language is just one of the many benefits of language acquisition that The Tutoring Center in Birmingham would like to share with you today.

Language learning enhances cognitive development

Studies at Cornell have shown that, contra worries in the past, children exposed to two languages during their early years do not suffer any confusion or learn either language slower; in fact, tests indicate that they are better at concentrating despite external stimuli as a result.

Other studies have shown increased multitasking abilities, presumed to be a result of switching between two systems of speech, and better memory; it has been indicated that bilingual people are better at retaining information such as names and directions. A marked link has also been established between the ability to speak multiple languages and a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in both men and women in old age.

Language learning may improve perceptive skills

A study from Spain’s University of Pompeu Fabra came to the conclusion that multilingual people are more adept at picking out relevant information from a complex environment, and ignoring irrelevant or misleading details. On top of this, multilinguals are also indicated to be more confident and thorough decision-makers.

Learning a foreign language improves one’s first language

Learning to speak another language focuses one’s attention on the mechanics of language (grammar, syntax, etc.) and as such highlights the form and function of one’s native language. This can help improve communication skills and help improve everything from academic writing to public speaking. It’s also likely that over the course of learning a new language, one will encounter new vocabulary in one’s first language too.

Career opportunities

In later life the ability to speak multiple languages will no doubt work in your child’s favor when it comes to finding a rewarding career; even today the world economy is truly global, companies are seeking out multilingual employees, and this trend is only going to continue.


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