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 In our technological age, when we are limited by the amount of characters we can use, or text speak and emoticons, journaling may provide just the right balance your child needs. Not only can their communication skills be improved, they are also taking time to explore their own minds and what interests them. 

How to Begin

- Journal writing should not be a chore for your child, but something fun for him or her to do. If your child shows no interest, do not force it.
- If your child does show interest in journaling, take him or her to a bookstore and allow them to pick out a journal that they like and have the desire to write in.
- Inform your child that this journal belongs to him or her and that you will not read it, unless they want you to. Pending there are no extenuating circumstances, honor your word, and do not read their journal.

Helpful Hints

- Writing Prompts-if your child is having difficulty figuring out what to write about, give them some ideas to choose from
- Work Space-have a place where your child can write, knowing that when they are in that place it is journal time, and they will not be disturbed
- Time to write-when frustrated, angry, etc. 


- Written communication skills-as your child begins writing in order to express or process emotions, they will be more thorough in their explanations
- Grammar and spelling-though nobody will be checking this journal for grammar or spelling mistakes, as your child becomes increasingly involved in the process, the desire to do it well will also increase
- Exploration-in this form of written expression, your child is challenged to explore the corners of the mind, perhaps finding that he or she has a knack for poetry writing or fiction
- Freedom-as your child can write about whatever is on his or her mind during the process, this becomes a freeing and uplifting activity
- Love for Writing-as your child learns more about creative expression, the idea that writing can be a fun and desirable activity will stick with them

You and your child may discover through journal writing that he or she needs some extra attention to become a better writer. Remember that at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we have a Writing Enrichment Program to help them along the way. For more information about this or any of our other tutoring programs, contact us at (248) 494-6225.


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