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Encouraging Your Child to Love Math

As technology becomes ubiquitous in every aspect of our society, the importance of math has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, many children (and adults) remain frightened of math. Keep your child from falling into the trap by starting now to encourage a love of math with these tips.

Math is Everywhere

Show your child that math is everywhere, and take advantage of every situation for your child to practice her math skills. Ask your child to keep track of the price of each item on a shopping list and to estimate the final bill. When you pay, ask her to calculate how much change you get back. If she is right, let her keep the change. Have her apportion a cake into equal slices for the whole family, which will introduce the concept of fractions. Showing that math is useful in everyday situations will start your child thinking mathematically about the world around her.

Use Math Games

Children love games, and there are plenty of games that teach math. Board games, computer games, and apps abound. Math vs Zombies is a fun example. Play with your child to show how much fun you are having too.

Start with Easy Math

Many students are dissuaded from math because they think it is hard. Start out easy so your child realizes that she can do it. Create a system of levels, like a video game, that your child will achieve upon mastering each concept. She will feel the prowess growing within her, and gain the confidence to tackle more complicated problems. Always give praise and appreciation, even when your child falls short. Words of praise and rewards for success will encourage more of the same behavior.

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