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Summer vacation offers unbeatable opportunities for students, as it allows them to prepare for upcoming academic challenges. However, it is even more important for those students who are taking the ACT in the fall. This exam is a requisite for most colleges and universities across the country, and a good score is one first step towards getting accepted by the institution your child has chosen. That’s why at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we would like to share useful tips to prepare for the ACT over the summer.

Read Books

Reading has countless benefits and expanding the vocabulary is one of them, which is a crucial skill that the ACT measures. It’s also a good way to improve reading comprehension and increase the attention span of your child. Keep in mind that classic novels and opinion pieces are a good way for your child to become familiar with dense writing.

Take a Practice Test

Practice makes perfect and it is important your child gets acquainted with each section of the exam, so they can boost their test taking abilities and learn how to manage their time and stress. Remember that there are many online resources that can help your child practice. We recommend, your child creates a study schedule to keep themselves on track.

Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring is a good way to pinpoint the areas your child struggles with and help them improve in these areas, plus it’s a great opportunity to practice and improve other skills and knowledge. Also, a tutor can help you develop the right strategies to successfully navigate the test. This test plays a crucial role in the admission process, plus a good grade can help students qualify for financial help. For this reason your child should prepare thoroughly so they can build confidence before the exam and prevent last minute cramming. Keep in mind that an effective setting can make their study sessions more productive, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.


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