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Summer is finally here and your children couldn't be any more excited. They need a long and well-deserved rest after a school year filled with responsibility and demands. Unfortunately, this break also means that many children will sit idle on the couch watching T.V., which could lead to summer learning loss.

At The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we know how this problem affects the academic achievement of your children. That’s why, we prepared the following post to inform you some of the effects of summer slide and how you can avoid it. 

What is it?

Summer slide is the loss of academic knowledge due to lack of educational activities during Long absences from the school setting, such as summer vacation. It translates into losing 2-3 months of reading achievement, and 2.6 months of mathematical skills of grade level equivalency. Fortunately, there are a many things you can do to avoid it. 


Create a daily schedule for yoru child(ren) that deidcates at least 30 minutes to reading. Make sure to visit your local library and sign up for a summer read program, where your children can choose their books according to their interests. Encourage your child to summarize what they are reading and ask probing questions to get him or her to think about what they are reading. Examples of probing questions may include cause and effect questions (e.g., “What caused XXX to happen?”), sequence questions (e.g., What happens next, then next...”), and/or conclusion questions (e.g., “Why do you think that happened?”). 

Thesestrategies will strengthen the reading comprehension of your child(ren). Also, help your child(ren) define any unfamiliar words that he or she encounters during reading and encourage them to use the word in a sentence to increase vocabulary.


One way to prevent the summer slide in writing is to motivate your child(ren) to write over the summer through a self-monitoring strategy. Self-monitoring in writing encourages children to increase their writing productivity, or the amount of words written, by helping them to monitor their writing output. This strategy is thought to motivate children to strive to increase their writing productivity. To implement this strategy, help your child create a graph that he or she can use to chart their progress; the graph can be as simple as a X and Y axis (requiring them to use math skills!) with marks on the Y axis representing the number of words written and marks on the X axis representing the date. Once or twice per week, encourage your child to write about topics of interest over a predetermined interval of time (e.g., 15 minutes) and then chart the number of words written on the graph. Together with your child, determine an appropriate writing output goal that he or she can work toward.


A great resource for promoting math skills over the summer is Khan Academy ( Parents can sign up for a free account on the website. Your child will then take a pretest to determine their baseline math skills and to identify any skills that may need strengthening. Based on the results of the pretest, children are provided with “missions” that they can complete to earn points toward badges. This tool is a great way to motivate your child and to monitor their progress toward meeting specific math goals. As an option, you can offer your child specific rewards or privileges for earning badges.

At The Tutoring Center in Birmingham we offer a free diagnostic assessment to provide a snapshot of academic skills and help us identify any areas that can be strengthened.

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