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Keep Your Child Excited About School

It is common for children to feel unmotivated midway through the school year. The beginning of the year is always exciting, but the end seems like it may never arrive. There are multiple ways to ensure your child stays motivated at this point in the academic year. One way is to encourage them to join our Enrichment Program. This tutoring program helps promote both confidence and motivation within your student. Whether the focus is math, science, or reading, The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, MI utilizes our enrichment program to maximize your student’s long-term success in school! Another way to help your child feel excited about school is to utilize these helpful tips.

Talk About School in a Positive Manner

If your child is feeling unmotivated, their academic performance may not be reflecting their full potential. Before approaching them with a harsh attitude, keep in mind that negative comments will only make them feel worse and potentially unmotivate them further. Instead, sit down with your child and talk to them about what is going on. By staying positive and listening to their thoughts, you work together to solve the problem.

Make Small Changes

It is beneficial to change up your child’s daily routine in small ways. You don’t have to throw their current routine out the window, but it is beneficial to seek opportunities that will refresh their minds and their routine. This strategy will help your child feel less like a robot and more refreshed. Another recommended change would be to play music in the morning. This will make your child’s morning routine more fun so they start the day on a positive note. Lastly, it is helpful to occasionally change the order in which they do things. This will keep them motivated and on their toes.

Update Their Goals

Setting goals at the start of the school year will only work if you  check on them periodically. A beneficial time to do this would be during the midway point of the academic year. By pointing out your child’s progress, you will help them feel motivated to keep excelling. Making changes wherever necessary is also a great way to promote their academic performance. These simple tips will replenish their motivation while also showing them how close the end of the school year actually is!

Enroll your child in our Birmingham, MI Enrichment Program to ensure they maximize their academic success and stay motivated throughout the school year. Check out other academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Birmingham to find the right program for your child’s needs. Give them a call at (248) 266-4409 and be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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