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Tips to Make Picking a College Major Easier

Going to college means tons of new exciting experiences for your child. At the same time, they may be stressed about some decisions they have to make at this point in their life. For starters, your child may not be sure what college major to choose. To help them make this choice, use these tips.

Identify Interests That Can Be Majors

If your child is feeling overwhelmed by this decision and has no idea what they want to major in, it can help to ask them about their interests. Have your child make a list of their interests so that you can then link these interests to potential careers. For example, if your child is interested in art, they may want to consider studying something like art history. Once you have some majors identified, encourage your child to look into these further to see if they are really something your child would enjoy studying.

Choose a Career First

If your child already has some careers in mind, they can work backward from these to figure out what major to study. For example, if your child is interested in becoming a lawyer, then they will have to attend law school after getting their undergraduate degree. This means that the major they choose should help them when applying to law school. Use this sort of information to figure out what major will help them prepare for their post-grad plans.

Start Undeclared

It's also worth reminding your child that they don't have to declare a major just yet. In fact, they can enter college undeclared and take classes that will make picking a major easier. Most schools give students until the end of their sophomore year to declare a major, so there's no rush.

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