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Helping a Child with Dyslexia Study

Dyslexia can be a sensitive, upsetting and frustrating issue for a child, especially at the start of the diagnosis. But despite the struggles it causes, you can help your child take steps to overcome the difficulties. Here at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham we have some pointers that could be useful when beginning to address this situation.

Reassure Your Child

Stress and frustration will overwhelm your child often when he or she is faced with learning problems their peers do not seem to have. Reassure them that this problem is not their fault and that they aren’t less intelligent because of it, just that they will have to work a bit harder, and that there are tools they can use to help.

Distinguish the Type of Dyslexia

Just as no child is the same, there are types and degrees of dyslexia, and therefore there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. Take the time to discover and research what type of dyslexia your child has. Once you understand their challenge, you are better equipped to help them overcome it.

Help With Homework (But Not Too Much)

Be close at hand to ensure your child is doing their homework and answer their questions, but don’t take charge of it or do it for them. They need reassurance that they can do things themselves, so let them and appreciate their efforts when they achieve their targets.

Read and Repeat

Look for a quiet place at home for you both to read out loud everyday if possible; the books should be interesting and not too complex at first. Encourage them and if they get a word wrong, correct them gently but without patronising them.

Get Tutoring Help in Birmingham

Involve teachers and even private tutors to help your child improve their learning abilities and overcome the challenges dyslexia brings. If you need tutoring in Birmingham remember that the professionals at The Tutoring Center are always ready to work with you. Call us at 248-494-6225 to find out more.


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