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How to Design a Great Learning Space at Home

Every time a student sits to complete their homework or study for an important exam, the environment around them plays a large part in just how effective their study session will be. If your child currently reads their textbooks on the couch in front of the TV, keep reading The Tutoring Center, Birmingham MI’s post to help create a better learning space for your child to study.

Remove All Distractions

A parent's first thought when it comes to study distractions is to remove any cell phones, tablets, or even computers from the space. And while this is a smart move, what about the vacuuming of your carpet? Or the lawn being mowed out the back? Or how about siblings running around the house playing?

The truth is that all of these and more can provide enough of a distraction to steal your student's attention away from their study material.

With this in mind, take a tour of your home to identify potential study spaces which are not only quiet but are free from distractions. For example, if your bedroom rarely sees foot traffic during the afternoon and is at an end of the house, consider setting up a portable desk and a chair for your student to use while they study. Consider designating a no-go zone in your house during study times.

Ensure They Have Everything They Need

After distractions, the easiest way to waste time during a study session is to stop and get a forgotten item. Whether it's a glass of water, a measuring tool, or even colored markers, be sure that whatever your student needs to complete their studies, they have it. A good idea would be to keep a small basket stocked with the items your child may need to study. Keep the basket conveniently located in the study space.

The Right Lighting

If the lighting in the study space is too dim then it can cause your student to become weary and maybe even want to take a nap! Of course on the other hand, if the lighting is too bright then it can not only cause headaches but can also make the text difficult to read. Whether you hang a towel over a window or buy a small and portable desk lamp, do what you can to adjust and improve the lighting in your study space.

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