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Sending college applications can be an overwhelming process, requiring time, planning and patience, not to mention the stress of waiting for a response from the university can produce. However, there are a few things your children can do to make sure their application stand out from others, and at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we would like to share a couple of useful ideas. 


Writing a compelling essay isn’t as difficult as your children may think. It should be more like a chance to showcase their abilities and skills and prove they are ideal candidates for the college they are applying to. They should avoid using complex words they have never used before as they risk making mistakes.  Also, make sure to proofread the essay or give it to teacher or tutor to take a look.


School counselors also play an important part during the application, as they will send the transcripts and can provide your children with advice. As for the recommendation letter, it’s crucial that your children choose a teacher who knows them well, and that has taught them over the last two years of high school, which will help the university get a more up to date and comprehensive picture of your children. 


Your children should proofread their application several times before sending it. The admission office will notice small details like typos, grammatical errors or even using the wrong school name, which can negatively impact their decision. Also, keep an eye on deadlines and write them down on your calendar so your children don’t miss them!

Your children need your support during this process and you can always provide them with advice, so don’t forget to share these ideas. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing useful information about the SAT Test, which is another important feature of the application process.


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