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The college application process is long and stressful. Between maintaining good grades in school, extracurricular activities, filling out applications, letters of recommendation and taking college entrance exams, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed! Luckily, taking exams like the ACT aren’t as daunting as many students believe they will be. For specially designed ACT prep in Birmingham, contact The Tutoring Center at (248) 494-6225 for all the information you need. Right now, here are some quick tips to help get ready for the big test! 

Understand the Basic Format 

The ACT is a multiple choice test with four sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. You may also need to take an optional writing test, in which you will be required to write an essay. 

English: 75 questions to measure standard written and rhetorical skills. 
45 minutes to complete

Mathematics: 60 questions to measure mathematical skills, typically learned before the start of grade 12. 
60 minutes to complete

Reading: 40 questions designed to measure reading comprehension skills
35 minutes to complete it

Science: 40 questions to measure a student's ability to interpret, analyze, evaluate, reason, and problem-solve with the natural sciences.35 minutes to complete it. 

Optional writing test: one prompt 
30 minutes to write 

Take Practice Tests and Set Goals

You can study all year for the test, but without taking a few practice tests to gauge your progress, it’s practically meaningless. Know which sections you are strongest at and where you need to improve more. Always do your practice on paper as if it were a real test and be mindful of the clock! In the sections you have troubles with, do all the problems you know first then go back to do the harder ones. Eliminate wrong answers to give yourself a better chance when guessing. Leaving questions unanswered is the same as guessing wrong, so if worse comes to worst, guess in the last remaining seconds; it won’t hurt your score.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Unlike most tests where you are being tested on the knowledge within the test, you cannot ‘cram study’ for the ACT and do well. Doing well on the ACT is more about understanding the actual test, and not the information on the test. Have a long-term plan to properly prepare you for the test. It is never a bad idea to get help for ACT prep from a professional learning center like The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, who have years of experience helping students strive. Call today for more information (248) 494-6225.


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