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A problem many people have when trying to study or doing their work is actually getting started! If you are noticing that your child may have this problem too, go through this post The Tutoring Center in Birmingham has for you, so you can keep them from procrastinating!

How to Stop Procrastination

Reduce the Distractions

Nowadays, distractions are everywhere! Social media, television, and toys might consume great part of your children time, so you will need to reduce these distractions when your children is studying, so s/he can concentrate. A good way to do this is to designate an specific place for them to study with all the tools that they need in order for them to perform their activities but without any distractors, this way they will be able to work better and faster.

Tackle the Harder Stuff First

Encourage your child to start with what’s most difficult for them. If your child dreads Math, begin with their Math homework assignment or if they struggling with writing, start with their five paragraph essay. Do this will make their other assignments seem like a walk in the park!

Make it a Game

You can engage their imagination in the process by making up a story and setting limits. You can tell them that a prince needs their help in defeating a dragon, and the way to contribute is to finish the school work by 7pm.

If your children are older then you can play chryptography games so they can crack ciphers, discover secrets and improve their math skills at the same time.


Motivate your kids with things they are interested in! Tell them that if they have their homework done by a certain time, they’ll be able to go outside, play video games or watch their favorite show.

Get Help!

Your child may not be willing to start his/her studying because the subject stresses him/her out! If this is the case, a tutor may be a good option! Here at The Tutoring Center, we have a team of expert tutors in Birmingham whose sole objective is to help your kid reach his/her potential.


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