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Reading is a powerful tool that increases the vocabulary, enhances memory and concentration, boosts analytical thinking skills, and develops many other abilities that will be demanded in school and throughout your child’s life. 

Solid study habits start at home and reading isn’t the...
As the school year begins, we are sure that it begins with many hopes. At the top of that list should be getting great grades and STAYING organized. We know that it’s difficult, and it is with that in mind you might need tutoring in Birmingham. We at The Tutoring Center in Birmingham would like...
The SAT is a college admissions test, accepted by over 2,000 colleges and universities within the United States. It is taken by approximately 2 million students annually, and its result may just gain you entrance into the college of your choice. Financial aid, and even more importantly, a...
 In our technological age, when we are limited by the amount of characters we can use, or text speak and emoticons, journaling may provide just the right balance your child needs. Not only can their communication skills be improved, they are also taking time to explore their own minds and...
Summer vacations started a while ago and your children finally have time to relax and enjoy those activities they can’t usually do. However, you should also schedule a space where your children can strengthen their academic abilities to avoid the troublesome summer slide

Preparing your...
For many children, math is the most dreaded subject. However, if your child is having trouble with math, that’s all the more reason to make sure s/he practices it over summer vacation!

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Birmingham will share with you a few ways to help your child improve in math...
Summer is finally here and your children couldn't be any more excited. They need a long and well-deserved rest after a school year filled with responsibility and demands. Unfortunately, this break also means that many children will sit idle on the couch watching T.V., which could lead to summer...
Time is tricky. Even as adults, 24 hours are not enough to complete our activities. Now imagine how it is for children, who are slowly learning everything about the world. Time management is a key skill that will help your children become independent and responsible students.

For that reason, it’s...
A problem many people have when trying to study or doing their work is actually getting started! If you are noticing that your child may have this problem too, go through this post The Tutoring Center in Birmingham has for you, so you can keep them from procrastinating!

How to Stop Procrastination


March is finally here, that means Spring is just around the corner and schools all across the country are celebrating "Reading Month".  Here are some tips from Scholastic to help promote strong readers.

1. Time together
2. Listening to Fluent...


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