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The Theme for this week's wall of fame is Goal Setting and Effort


1) Achieving goals through commitment and hard work
2) Giving your best in everything you choose to do
3) Trying without giving up or giving in
4) Making the most of every opportunity

In the article, Teaching Children Confidence Through Goal Setting, Dr. Gail Gross, Human Behavior and Education Expert, explains that goal setting is a powerful skill we can teach children.  Goals help children have a great sense of self, self-control, and confidence. People with a high-self efficacy believe they can change behaviors to overcome challenges and forge ahead to reach goals or resolutions.

Call to Action

Help your kids set age-appropriate and realistics goals.  Kids Activities has some great tips and resources to help teach your children goal setting:

1) Define the word 'Goal'
2) Don't just talk, listen
3) Provide the language for goal setting
4) Help refine unrealistic goals
5) Break down the steps to the goal
6) Create a visual reminder of goals
7) Note progress and success 


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