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Is Your Child Experiencing Burnout? 

With academics becoming more competitive each year, it is not surprising that burnout is a common threat for high school students. If you are worried your child’s academic commitments are leading to burnout, encourage them to enroll in our Study Skills Enrichment Program. The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, MI designed this program to help students ease stress, improve grades, and learn efficiently. In return, your child’s motivation increases, helping them to maintain a clear mindset while participating in all of the activities they love. Another way to help your child avoid burnout is to look for these signs. 

They're Always Exhausted 

Burnout comes as a result of students feeling stressed and overwhelmed for a prolonged period of time. They may be studying late every night, constantly thinking about college, and losing sleep because the stress won't let them rest. This can lead to a state of exhaustion that isn't just physical, but they may also feel emotionally and mentally drained. It's important to help them relieve some of this stress so that they can begin to relax and rest. 

They've Lost Interest 

When your child feels overwhelmed and their thoughts are consumed with things they have to do, they may start to lose motivation and interest in all sorts of things. Classes they used to enjoy may be something they now want to avoid. They may even opt out of social gatherings due to their lack of energy. By helping your child overcome these feelings, you can help them take a mental break from academics and recharge their batteries. 

They're Showing Physical Symptoms 

While these symptoms appear to mainly affect students emotionally and mentally, burnout can take a physical toll on your child’s body as well. Oftentimes, lack of rest leads to children being more prone to sickness. Their body can feel sore and they might even experience headaches more often. As another physical result of burnout, your student may develop bad habits such as overeating, undereating, or nail-biting, to help them cope with ongoing academic stress. 

To help your student reach their academic best, enroll your child in our Birmingham, MI Study Skills Enrichment Program to ensure they avoid burnout and stay motivated throughout the school year. Check out other academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Birmingham to find the right program for your child’s needs. Give them a call at (248) 266-4409 and be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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