The Tutoring Center, Birmingham MI


What is the Wall of Fame?

At The Tutoring Center, we believe that character building and strong work habits are an important part of our programs and are an essential part of the development of successful children.  

We begin each session at the Wall of Fame where the Center Director leads a discussion with the students. The discussion stems from motivational and character-building posters that are changed out each week.  At The Tutoring Center in Birmingham, we try to put posters together that have a common theme.  

This Week's Theme

1) Achieving goals through commitment and hard work.
2) Giving your best in everything you choose to do.
3) Trying without giving up or giving in.
4) Making the most of every opportunity.

Call to Action

Water the behaviors you want to grow.  This week look for ways that your child is putting forth great effort and acknowledge it!  Put some though into the way you are praising your child.  An article on Psychology Today  encourages you to erase “good job!” from your lexicon, as it is not specific...

“It doesn't tell children what precisely they did well and without that information they can't know exactly what they should do in the future to get the same outcome. Second, "good job!" focuses on the outcome rather than the process. If you're going to be lazy with your praise, at least say, "Good effort!" because it focuses them on what they did to do a good job.


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